Did I Bite Off More Than I Can Chew?

July 06, 2007 | WNST Interns

Okay, so my wife’s big mouth cousin has finally made the trip down to Cassatt, South Carolina from Mt. Vernon, NY. It happens every year, he comes down and starts running his big mouth about how great the NY Yankees are. He gets on my nerves with his Yankee arrogance. I would love nothing more than to shut him up about his @#$% team.

Tonight, we were all sitting around, and my wife’s other cousin, from NY, is a Mets fan. Those two started going at one another about who’s city is it, the Mets or the Yankees. Suddenly, her Yankee loving cousin attempted to include me in the conversation by saying, "Look at Rob. He’s afraid to get into this conversation."

I ignored him originally, but he kept talking about the Orioles, and then said, "He used to have the Ravens to brag about until the ‘Man-Genius’ roled into town. Now, he doesn’t want any parts of THOSE JETS." 

At that time, I kicked back in my chair, and the couter-attack began.

To keep it clean, I reminded him that one 10-6 and an appearance on HBO does not make one a genius. We, in Baltimore, can brag of the same genius stature of our Super Bowl winning coach as well. I also told him to talk to me about "Genius Coach" when he wins a divisional title.

That’s when the challenge began. He guaranteed that his Jets would win more games than my Ravens, in spite of the Patriots off-season moves. He predicted a 12-4 season for the Jets, versus a 9-7 for the "Black Birds."

I was angered by this Joe Namath wannabe’s stupid prediction. That is so Super Bowl IIIish. The difference is, this year will not be a fluke. The Ravens are a better team and their record will prove it. Please let that be true, because if not, I will have to show up at the 2008 family reunion decked out in Steelers gear. That will include pictures for proof of the event. If I win, he will have to show up at the same family reunion in Red Sox gear.

So, I ask you, my peeps, "Did I bite off more than I can chew?"