Did Tim Donaghy Ruin it For All Gamblers?

July 25, 2007 | WNST Interns

PLUS Selig Loves Bonds and Lindsay Lohan’s a Maniac

The NBA scandal involving referee Tim Donaghy offers a potential scenario that frightens me…

Consider Republican senators Buford Polyester and Earl Helmet-head, two Far Right guys bought and paid for by the Christian Coalition.  These two "clowns for Jesus" stand up on the floor of the Senate and decry the proliferation of gambling and its inevitable association with organized crime.  The referee will be portrayed as a "lost soul" who merely got caught up in this "wicked vice" as the two Senators then use this singular instance to not only call for even tougher restrictions on gambling but also enforcement of archaic laws to imprison anyone who might want to lay down a little action either with a local bookie or an offshore casino. 

Do we really want this?  No.  Roughly 30 million people gamble in this country- legally or otherwise.  Gambling is a part of human nature. Period.  It probably started with our primitive ancestors who bet on things like who would bag the biggest saber-toothed tiger or who could be the first to invent fire. 

The point is, gambling isn’t going anywhere, folks.  Hopefully, what this bonehead Tim Donaghy’s actions will really show is that, by failing to regulate sports betting, guys like Tim tend to find themselves falling through the cracks or propriety and right into the arms of organized crime.  Legalize it nationwide, tax it, and then educate people about gambling addiction and there’ll be no more Gambino family involved in the NBA.  Make sense?

It does to me. But I doubt they’ll agree on Capitol Hill.




Personally, I wouldn’t want Bud Selig following me around anywhere. The guy looks creepy.  Like one of those weirdos in the Midwest who "seemed like a nice enough guy" until he’s found in a school yard with a rain coat, duct tape and a rag filled with chloroform.

Still, I’m glad Bonds is getting some recognition.


Steroids in golf?… Steroids in GOLF?  Steroids in GOOOOLFFFF?


You can write the rest yourself. 



It’s only a matter of time before I’m dating this chick.  Sure she’s a little young but she is right up my DYSFUNCTIONAL ALLEY. 


Anybody have her on their death pool yet?  Hope not.   

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