Do the Rockies Have a Chance? You Better Believe It!

October 24, 2007 | WNST Interns

Where is all the love for the Rockies? They’ve won something like 49 out of their last 50. I know the Red Sox are good, but come on! Baseball is not like other sports where you can just dominate people with athleticism. It’s about precision and timing. The best hitters don’t always hit well. The best pitchers don’t always locate well. I think hitting a baseball is somewhat akin to hitting a golf ball. One ball is obviously moving while the other ball is still, but it’s about timing and balance and weight transfer. The analogy I always make is that if the most talented people always win, then why doesn’t Tiger Woods win every event that he enters? Are the Red Sox more talented? Probably. Are they going to win the series? That’s another story.
The Rockies are better defensively. No one will argue that. On the other hand, I would take the Red Sox offense over the Rockies any day. That is except for the days of games 3,4 and 5, when there is no DH. Either Youkolis or Ortiz is coming out and that removes some serious thunder from Boston’s line-up. As far as the Rockies in Fenway, we have sometimes seen National League teams at great disadvantages in American League parks because they don’t have a guy to DH. Remember, Colorado played each series with a different centerfielder, so they have a guy on their bench who started and played in three playoff games. They might not be as bad off as some others we’ve seen.
I don’t understand why no one is giving them a chance. Did anyone really think that St. Louis was going to sweep Detroit last year? I think the Rockies win two out of three at home. The question is, can they win two out of four in Fenway. If the series ended in Colorado, I think the Rockies would have much more of a chance, but the difficulty of winning a clinching game in Fenway may be too much. The only way for them to avoid that would be to win four out of the first five, and that would be a tough task as well.
Am I predicting that the Rockies will win? No. But am I saying that they have no chance like it seems the rest of American is? No. I think the series is very even. Don’t be surprised if Colorado goes back to Boston up three to two just like Cleveland did. They may then dump games six and seven just like Cleveland did, but I think they at least get there.
There, how’s that for a prediction. The Rockies will win at least three games. Enjoy it. It should be fun.