Do You Remember David Soul ??

May 09, 2007 | WNST Interns

Every once in awhile, I’ll get kinda nostalgic about things …. and I’m only 39 years old. Okay, I’ll be 40 in just 22 days. But, when you start looking back at the “good old” times; Good Humor trucks, Gino’s Giants, running water and electricity in Pasadena’s “Green Haven” ….. it must mean something.

At any rate, I was driving my daughter to school yesterday and we were listening to music. Hey, 11-year-old girls tend to prefer tunes over sports talk. So, out of nowhere, the musical anthem to countless Orioles losses hit the airwaves. Yeah, I was treated to the unforgettable “Don’t Give Up On Us Baby” by Hutch ….. I mean, David Soul. As one of the world’s worst songs ever played along, I grew misty-eyed and my daughter looked at me as if I were going to lose it.

Finally, she says, “Dad, what is your deal and turn this song off”. How do you explain that such a corny, bubble gum ballad was so monumental in your life? But, it was. I spent hundreds of games at Memorial Stadium, from the late 70’s until the 91 season. And, I hated Orioles losses.

Yeah, I hated that we lost for competitive reason, but I really hated losing, because I knew we’d have to endure David Soul’s 3 minutes and 38 seconds of pure, scathing hell. But, yesterday I re-lived some real special times, albeit losing experiences, for those 3 ½ minutes. Trust me, I assured my daughter that I was merely “strolling down memory lane” and that I didn’t like the song – it was “uncool”.

Fast forward to last night …. I was in my office preparing this blog. I was going to talk about the games the O’s lost, subsequently subjecting me to David Soul. There was a loss to the Blue Jays and Dave Steib, the night my cousin graduated from high school. I also recall a double-header loss to the Red Sox. The first game started at 11am on a crisp, September morning, in 1990. Phil Plantier hit a homer that still hasn’t landed. And, of course, I thought about the final loss of the 1982 season against Milwaukee, and the loss in Game #1 of the 1983 World Series.

I was primed to go in-depth with all these games, and that sentimental David Soul anthem. Just to get myself in the right frame of mind, I decided to download and play “Don’t Give Up On Us Baby”. I must add this was done for professional purposes only. Well, as I’m slated to get deep, an 11-year old head peeks from around the corner. And, with that little Snider Smirk, she utters, “I thought you didn’t like it, Dad”. “You are such a loser”.

Funny …. even my daughter attributes this ageless, David Soul classic to losing. And, I never mentioned that part of the story to her. So, there you have it. Have a great Wednesday.