Dollars & Sense

December 10, 2007 | WNST Interns

I’m so overwhelmed by tonight’s sequence of events, where do I begin?  With my everlasting hatred for Bob Irsay and his evil spawn Jim?  With the fact that the current version of the Colts (I refuse to designate their second city of residence) absolutely OWNS Brian Billick & Co.?  With the OBVIOUS DIFFERENCE between these two franchises (and yes, I’m speaking of Quarterbacks)?  With the absolutely unthinkable sight of Ravens fans leaving in the 1st Quarter?  With a steady rain, at 30-0 (or was it 37-7 – it’s all such a blur) as a perfect metaphor for my feelings about this Ravens’ season and my feelings for the Baltimore Colts?

Make no mistake, I could be 100 years old, drooling into a cup with a pretty young nurse pushing my wheelchair, and I’d still find the energy to root against the Colts.  Even though I’ll always love those unis.  But tonight I had an epiphany: I hate the current Colts because they are everything this sorry collection of limited talent isn’t: Dangerous because of a great QB, attacking on defense, and led by a humble and forthright man.  I can’t help it; I’ve witnessed THREE STRAIGHT LOSSES TO THE COLTS AT HOME.  2005, 2007 Playoffs, Tonight.  Well, enough.


It’s time for drastic measures.  It’s time to accept the reality of a 7 game losing streak; a team that has clearly tuned out whatever message its Head Coach is still trying to bring; a team without discipline; a team of "media stars" without humility; a team that has no defensive secondary without two 30+ year olds active; a team that’s already planning golf outings for January; a team that is WINLESS in its Division; a team with no real prospects at the game’s most important position, QB.

The time has come to change the entire culture and philosophy of the Ravens organization.  There is realistically no hope of changing the L’s into W’s next year.  If you have any hope of contending, it absolutely HAS to be someone other than Kyle Boller under center.  And don’t send me 1,000 Troy Smith emails, please.  The answer at QB is NOT on this current roster.  But the hardest question to answer for Steve Bisciotti is this:

What’s the REAL value of Brian Billick to the Baltimore Ravens in 2008?

 It’s obvious his message isn’t getting through to the players any longer.  There cannot be more than a handful of fans who would earnestly defend him after tonight’s debacle.  Sometimes bad money leads to more bad money.  If Mr. Bisciotti is wise, he’ll eat the bad money in January and give his football team what it desperately needs: New Ideas.

I’m not suggesting wholesale changes and a complete roster purge, but there has to be a serious review of the entire organiztion after the collapse of ’07.  Scouts, Assistant Coaches, even Ozzie Newsome should be held accountable and put on notice that results, not talk, matters most.

If the 2008 NFL Draft is as deep in quarterback talent as advertised, then by all means start there.  But for Gods’ sake, give the kid a coach who can actually develop him.  Make veteran players available for trade to acquire more draft picks.  Eat the money committed to a retiring vet like McNair.  And find some DB’s!

The facts are here, and they suck:

A franchise worst 7 game losing streak.

3 straight losses at home to Peyton Manning (and one on the road).

THE most unimaginative offense in the league.

Kyle Boller: Under contract through 2008!

A national laughingstock for the second time in five weeks.

Last place in the AFC North.

37-7, 3:52, 2nd Quarter