Dont Go Away Mad – Just Go Away

October 12, 2007 | WNST Interns

As a long time Orioles fan I’m obviously a fan of Mike Flanagan. However, since he has been in the front office, the Orioles have been a mess. Rick Helling, Omar Dahl, Jay Gibbons, Javy Lopez, Danys Baez … I can sit here all day, but you get the point. I open up the Sun this morning and I read that Mike wants to stick it out. He wants remain in the front office. Wow. With all due respect, he hasn’t done a very good job. I assume that he didn’t have full control of the decision making during his tenure, but I think he would be better off playing a different role in this organization. Pitching instructor, radio analyst, I don’t know what it is but I think it’s time for Flanny to move on.

The Orioles fired Leo Mazzone today. Leo was known around the league as the best pitching coach in baseball. If you look back at who he was coaching maybe, just maybe they made Leo look good. Call it like it is. Leo had two 300-game winners and another probable Hall of Famer in John Smoltz. That’s a lot different than the guys that he had to work with here. Maybe they made him look good.

Can the Yankees please fire Joe Torre? I am tired of hearing about it already.

Can the Ravens please make Sunday’s game fun? I’ll take them scoring nine points and winning but it’s hard to stay awake. There is talent on the offensive side of the ball. Use it!!!