Dr Charles Doring DDS discusses role of MD State Dental Association during coronavirus pandemic

May 03, 2020 | WNST Audio

It was great welcoming Dr. Charles Doring, DDS, on for a Baltimore Positive chat with Nestor Aparicio and Don Mohler as everyone in the health care world adjusts during this coronavirus crisis.

Dr. Doring’s practice has certainly been affected, but he continues to do what he can to contribute to the pandemic relief.

“We’re seeing patients on an emergency basis,” Dr. Doring said. “What we want to do is help out the first line healthcare providers by taking care of patients with their urgent needs. We don’t want someone with a dental abscess or a loose tooth or dental trauma to show up at the emergency room or urgent care clinics right now. We want those folks focused on taking care of Covid-19 patients and preserve the PPE for those patients.”

To hear Dr. Charles Doring’s full conversation with Nestor and Don, listen here: