Dr Sandra Kurtinitis says CCBC adapted quickly to coronavirus crisis

May 03, 2020 | WNST Audio

It was our pleasure chatting with Dr. Sandra Kurtinitis, President of CCBC, as she joined Nestor Aparicio and Don Mohler on Baltimore Positive. CCBC, like many other businesses and institutions across the world, was dramatically impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

“What happened at CCBC happened right in the middle of March,” Dr. Kurtinitis said. “We were fully up and running, the campus’ were bustling. We had probably about 10,000 students in our credit programs, and about 8,000 students enrolled in our non credit programs. Within a two week time period, in fact almost overnight on March 16th, we became a ghost town. What we knew we had to do was to cancel the trainings, the courses that were dependent on people being right in the sphere of instruction, whether that was our surgical technology program or some kind of program where you really needed to have on-site instruction, but we actually, in a two week period, from March 16th to March 30th, our faculty and staff converted about 3000 regular course sections into remote delivery.”

Dr. Kurtinitis, as a leader, believes that she had a duty to represent her institution a certain way during this difficult time.

“I think a crisis of this nature is a real litmus test for leadership,” Dr. Kurtinitis said. “It’s very very different and it’s very very hard. The trick is to be able to lead people through this kind of experience when you’re own faith is ashen and your spirits depressed.”

To hear Dr. Sandra Kurtinitis’ full conversation with Nestor and Don, listen here: