Dunn to Baltimore? Murray to Baltimore? Why does Fox Sports hate the Ravens

June 15, 2007 | WNST Interns

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Adam Dunn is the latest slugger whose name keeps popping up in trade rumors. Of course that happens a lot with Dunn.
As far back as ’05 chat rooms have been active with talk of Dunn as a potential Oriole. So why not? He’s an upgrade over Jay Gibbons the way a Corvette is an upgrade over a scooter- that’s broken. Sure, he’ll cost about 5 million dollars more but that’s a steal folks.
Gibbons is making 5 million this year to sit on the bench or ground out weakly to short or misjudge fly balls or whatever the hell he does defensively. He’s one of the highest paid sunflower seed spitters in baseball. On the other hand, Dunn plays every day. He’s off to a slow start but still has 15 home runs and 38 ribbies. His batting average, a rather unimpressive .250, still beats Gibbons by 40 points. If the deal is right and the Orioles don’t have to part with prime potential, this makes sense. Dunn is the 40 home run guy the team needs. But only if they can keep him next year.
Quick Thought on MASN POST GAME SHOW
It’s terrible. No, I’m not kidding. It’s the worst post game show in all of professional sports. Jim Hunter and Rick Dempsey look foolish. They seem awkward. The standing thing just isn’t working. It’s bad enough the two guys have to smile every night after another Orioles implosion but couldn’t they at least get a chair? And who’s in charge of picking the neck-ties? The whole thing reads like a poorly produced used car commercial.
"Come on DOWN! We got bad baseball players PRICED TO MOVE!"
Hmm… You sweep the Mets. Your offense gathers 31 hits and scores 18 runs in the three game set. And you FIRE THE HITTING COACH? Last year Eddie Murray took a team with very few true hitters and turned them into the National League leaders in batting average and on-base percentage enroute to a trip to the playoffs.
Eight months later he’s fired because the Dodgers, a half-game out of first place, just aren’t hitting right now. Does that make sense? Not to me it doesn’t. I smell something rotten in LALA land. Murray’s known as someone who’s not going to take a lot of crap. He might’ve mouthed off to the wrong guy.  Who knows? 
The good news?
He needs a job and the Orioles need some hitting. Could it happen?
Randy Hill from foxsports.com picked the Baltimore Ravens as the AFC team most likely to fall this season. 
I won’t even comment. Not only won’t the team fall but- based on what I’ve heard, seen, read and believe- they will be a top three team in the league. This is the second article in the last week where the Ravens are dissed by Fox Sports writers. Peter Schrager had them ranked lower than Seattle, New Orleans and Denver and now Randy Hill predicts they’ll crash and burn…
Do we HAVE to carry Fox programming?
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