Early morning camp thoughts

July 30, 2007 | WNST Staff

If Dan Cody has had surgery, and I only say if since the Ravens have not publicly commented whether he did or did not have it, I would think he is more likely to miss weeks instead of months. My guess would be that if he has had it, the wait would now be for the swelling to go down, maybe the reason for him having it wrapped yesterday.
Dan has to prove he is healthy and ready to go soon, because Antwan Barnes will make a serious push for playing time early on, the Ravens have been amazed at how gifted Antwan is and how quickly he is picking things up.
Antwan will be a guy who will have a simple job early on, go and get the QB. He will be a guy to keep your eye on at camp. Look for a good match up between him and Jared Gaither at practice.
Once again the special teams will be something to watch, especially the kicking game. Could the Ravens have to use 3 roster spots for a kicker, punter, and field goal guy? There is a real chance that could happen.
Another player to keep your eye on at camp will be #24 David Pittman. Pittman in my opinion may have been a little over whelmed last year, plus hamstring issues did not help him. David showed up at camp yesterday with all of his braids cut off and seeming very focused to prove why the Ravens picked him last year. Coaches and players alike will tell you that he is the real deal, and fans will see that.
I am not saying David is going to take McAlister or Rolle’s job, but he is definitely in my opinion the CB of the future.
Please email me with any questions. I will be updating my blog through out the day from training camp.