Ed Bosco continues to serve Verde pizzas in Canton and beyond

April 27, 2020 | WNST Audio

We at WNST have been fans of the pizza served by Ed Bosco and his staff at Verde in Canton for quite some time now. It was a true honor to finally have him on for a Baltimore Positive conversation. That said, we wish that we were talking to Ed amidst normal life as opposed to a global pandemic that has affected millions of businesses just like Verde.

“Business has been a major challenge with all the different documentation that we’ve had to fill out,” Bosco said. “My wife is doing the heavy lifting with the PPP program and some of the grants that are out there. Lots of unemployment notices that we’ve gotten, but overall we’ve evolved into a takeout and delivery business. We prefer takeout because we get to save the large commission fees that some of the third party delivery parties charge. In the last two weeks we’ve launched our online ordering program.”

Ed and the folks at Verde are taking all possible measures to ensure the safety of both their customers and employees.

“Right now, if you come to Verde, you don’t give us a credit card, you pay online or you order through one of the delivery services,” Bosco said. “You knock on the door, give us your name, and we hand the pizzas outside. We try to follow the CDC guidelines every step of the way…we don’t cut our pizzas anymore because we don’t want to touch or handle the pizzas at all when it comes out of the oven.”

Ed looks forward to when life and business gets back to normal. In the meantime, he is doing all he can to continue to serve the Baltimore community.

“Everyday is a challenge, it’s an evolution,” Bosco said. “You look at major league sports and how they’re evolving. It’s a process, it’s learn on the fly, and right now we’re flying.”

To hear Ed Bosco’s full conversation with Nestor, listen here: