Enough With the Fantasy Already… Time to BET!

September 01, 2007 | WNST Interns

We all love fantasy football.  I get it.  But here’s what I REALLY love- hitting a 5 team parlay on Saturday and a 3 team "if and reverse" on Sunday.  Pretty much never happens.  Call it my fantasy if you want to, whatever.  Starting tomorrow morning on our show, betting on football is going to be a MUCH BIGGER part of the conversation. 

Does betting talk scare you?  Let’s deal with the facts.  30 million Americans gamble online.  According to www.americangaming.org


around 8 billion dollars was bet on last year’s Super Bowl.  Whether it’s a fifty dollar office pool, or a guy dropping two dimes on the Thursday Night ESPN2 game between Toledo and Eastern Michigan, wagering is ingrained in our conscience.  Of course, ALWAYS BE RESPONSIBLE! 


1) NEVER BET WITH MONEY YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO LOSE- establish a bankroll and if you get wiped out, retire for the season.  The way to avoid that happening is to only bet 10% of your bankroll on any given game.

2) NEVER CHASE YOUR MONEY-  If you lose with the one o’clock and the four o’clock games, don’t try to get it all back with the NBC Sunday Night game.  It’s easy to convince yourself that the Ravens are " a lock" against the Bengals- doesn’t mean they are.  And that speaks to another cardinal rule…

3) DON’T BE A "HOMER"- I know you love the Ravens.  Good.  Paint your dog purple if you want to.  Hang Ray Lewis’ poster in your john. But don’t bet on the Ravens just because you’re a fan.  You probably know this one but it’s an easy mistake to make.  When in doubt, lay off the game.  Or, think of it this way- if the information suggests you should bet against the Ravens, do it because either way you come out a winner, right?  But never bet heavy against your favorite team because if you lose, believe me, you’ll go from being a rabid fan to praying your team contracts rabies with one fumble.

4) DON’T GET GREEDY- You made a nice score. You had Nevada-Reno over Nebraska +22.5 against the spread and you bet them to win straight up on the money line.  You’ve been dancing all afternoon.  Now what?  Do nothing.  Bet your normal bets.  Don’t step up heavy just because you’re up.  Bookies love that.  They know that the more you play the more likely you are to lose.  Sometimes it’s best to walk away from the table.

5) DON’T BE INFLUENCED BY THE LAST THING YOU READ OR HEARD- Again, it’s easy to do.  Your bartender tells you he "loves the Packers."  Chris Berman says on ESPN that "the Jaguars should roll over Houston."  Your Aunt Maggie pulls you aside and said she had a dream that Ohio State covers by six touchdowns.  Leave it all alone!  Do your homework.  Get the right information and then make the smartest play possible.  Try to stay objective.  I’ll post another blog about "subconscious biases" and the role they play in wagering but, for now, bet for THE RIGHT REASONS!

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