Facts about Heap injury prone, and record having nothing to do with schedule

December 27, 2007 | WNST Staff

Todd Heap is injury prone
Just for general purposes, when people make the argument that Todd Heap is injury prone and never plays a complete season, or as I have heard on numerous accounts that he has not played a full season in the last three years. Let’s look at his stats(it is not that hard to do):
2001(12games – started 6)*remember that he was still behind Shannon Sharpe
2002(16games –started 16)
2003(16games- started 16)
2004(6games – started 6) suffered ankle injury in week 2
2005(16game – started 16)
2006 (16games – started 16)
2007 (6 games – started 6)
Sorry that does not appear to me to be a guy that is injury prone. In this talk of the Ravens cutting Todd after this season, is the most ridiculous thing that I have heard. I mentioned it to someone with the Ravens today and they laughed and said,” good thing that fans and certain members of the media don’t run an NFL team.”
Here is another factor with Todd and the thinking of cutting him. He is signed through 2011, and is due about 15.2 million over the rest of his contract.
The Ravens will get a last place schedule after last place finish this year
If you log onto the Ravens official website, you will find out that this statement is not even close to being true. The opponents for the next two years are already set, except for whom they will play from the AFC W and AFCE next year. Here is who they play next year, which does not resemble an easy schedule:
2008 (Home): Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Tenessee, Philadelphia, Washington,and an AFC West opponent (KC or Oakland…the last place team).
(Away): Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Houston, Indianapolis, Dallas, New York Giants, and Miami (last in AFC East).
(Home) Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Denver, Kansas City, Detroit, Chicago, AFC W opponent
(Away) Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Oakland, San Diego, Green Bay, Minnesota, AFC E opponent
So the previous year’s record has nothing to do with the teams’ schedules for the next year, except for two AFC games.
Ok, now I must get back to playing Madden.