December 06, 2007 | WNST Interns

START THEM THIS WEEK…check back weekly…..We will never say start LT or LJ that is too obvious and We will never tell you to sit someone, but here are some people we really like ….you can make the sit calls or email us for our view…track how accurate we are…..we have been as good as everyone else so check us out.


Must Starts QB: P. Manning, Kitna, Brady, Farve, Palmer, Romo, Cutler, Roethlisberger, Anderson…I removed Bulger, MCNABB, BREES, RIVERS AND YOUNG…Added Romo, Cutler, Roethlisberger, Farve, Anderson


QB’s: Rex Grossman, Philip Rivers, Jeff Garcia and Matt Hasselback

Must Starts RB: LT, Gore, Westbrook, Addai, , Parker, S. Jackson (when healthy), REMOVED from the list now. L. White!


RB’s: Ryan Grant, Earnest Graham, Kolby Smith, Justin Fargas, Clinton Portis, Fred taylor and MDJ…as well as Steven Jackson

Must Starts WR: Fitzgerald, Boldin, Evans, S. Smith, Chad Johnson, T.J. Housh, Owens, R. Williams, Driver, A. Johnson ( back now), Harrison, Wayne, Colston, Holt, Cooley, Shockey, Gonzalez, Dallas Clark, Whitten, Winslow, Heap…also R. Moss, W. Welker, B. Edwards

WR’s/TE’s: Deion Branch, Bryant Johnson, Bernard Berrian,

now some other guys we like this week:

SLEEPER(s) OF THE WEEK….what DUD will become a STUD…at least for one week….we will try to give a QB, RB and WR/TE each week…

QB: Kellen Clemens and Trent Edwards

RB: Fred Jackson

WR/TE: Shawn McDonald

Kicker and Defense: Love Jacksonville this week and Robbie Gould kicking

LOCKS of the WEEK….in a suicide pool….we can help…once again track our success. We will give you three a week.

After two years we are 118 – 51 (69.8%)…not bad!! TRULY pretty damn good…we have checked others out and we are just as good as they are!

WEEK OF12/06/07:

1. Jacksonville over Carolina

2. Green Bay over Oakland

3. Cincinnati over STL

Bonus Pick: Tampa over Houston

2007 record: 35 – 12

The playoffs are here the playoffs are here…if you made it into the "second" season congrats…if you did not…well you are not alone and it only 2 months til the 2008 mock drafts come out. Back to those teams still in the hunt…now is the time to pick up any and all handcuffs (backups)…the waiver wire at this point is not an option most likely, so you have to protect yourself…find out now who every back-up for your team is and either pick them up asap…or be ready to…here is a depth chart from to help you out.

Check out the: WHATS NEW PAGE

Good Luck!

Now onto the week that was. CHECK BACK EACH WEEK TO SEE WHAT is going and went on!

TRADE BAIT(s): NONE..if your league still allows trades at this point…change this rule asap…all this does is allows dumping!

STAR(S) OF WEEK (officially renamed the LT of the Week): LT reclaims his title…is he getting hot at the right time for his owners? Time will tell!

DUD(S) of the Week: Kurt Warner, excpected more vs the Browns, Carson Palmer (no TD’s) and Willie Parker…over 100 yards but expected more against the Bengles…and TD would be nice before the end of the year!

Hot Pick up(s) of the week: SEAN MOREY…WR ARZ…ok maybe going out on a limb here…but her scores a TD this week.

TEAM(s) of the WEEK: DALLAS COWBOYS..seems like so long ago that they took Farve out of the game…

Ut Oh of the week: NEW ORLEANS SAINTS…had their season turned around….was facing LUKE MCCOWN…at home…and lost