Fantasy Football week 12

November 22, 2007 | WNST Interns

START THEM THIS WEEK…check back weekly…..We will never say start LT or LJ that is too obvious and We will never tell you to sit someone, but here are some people we really like ….you can make the sit calls or email us for our view…track how accurate we are…..we have been as good as everyone else so check us out.


Must Starts QB: P. Manning, Kitna, Brady, Farve, Palmer, Romo, Cutler, Roethlisberger, Anderson…I removed Bulger, MCNABB, BREES, RIVERS AND YOUNG…Added Romo, Cutler, Roethlisberger, Farve, Anderson

QB’s: Vince Young was pretty last week and now he gets Cincinnati…he has a nice day…Matt Schaub goes for 300+ and Warner keeps slinging it. Eli Manning will have to put it up 45 times this week…so his numbers will be nice as well.

Must Starts RB: LT, LJ, R. Johnson, Gore, Westbrook, Addai, Maroney, Parker, Alexander, S. Jackson (when healthy), ADDED to the list now. L. White!

RB’s: Thomas Jones, Ron Dayne, Edge and McGahee work for me!

Must Starts WR: Fitzgerald, Boldin, Evans, S. Smith, Chad Johnson, T.J. Housh, Owens, R. Williams, Driver, A. Johnson ( back now), Harrison, Wayne, Colston, Holt, Cooley, Shockey, Gonzalez, Dallas Clark, Whitten, Winslow, Heap…also R. Moss, W. Welker, B. Edwards

WR’s/TE’s: Amani Toomer and Burress, Donte Stallworth, Hines Ward, DJ Hackett and Dwayne Bowe

now some other guys we like this week: Shaun McDonald, Greg Jennings, Chris Henry, Drew Bennett and Deshaun Foster

SLEEPER(s) OF THE WEEK….what DUD will become a STUD…at least for one week….we will try to give a QB, RB and WR/TE each week…

QB: C pep….Daunte Culpepper is a sneeky play this week

RB: Kolby Smith…remember him…told you he would be a factor this year…this is his week

WR/TE: Ted Ginn Jr…Sunday night…first big TV night for him…has the speed to get behind the Steeler D…

Kicker and Defense: ARIZONA CARDINALS…and Mason Crosby kicks well this week…

LOCKS of the WEEK….in a suicide pool….we can help…once again track our success. We will give you three a week.

After two years we are 118 – 51 (69.8%)…not bad!! TRULY pretty damn good…we have checked others out and we are just as good as they are!

WEEK OF 11/22/07: All Thanksgiving Games

1. Green Bay over Detroit

2. Dallas over Jets

3. Indy over Atlanta

Bonus Pick: Jacksonville over Buffalo

2007 record: 30 – 10

Andre Hall, Kolby Smith and Ron Dayne…could be the key to a run through the Fantasy Playoffs…anyone who had those three on their team before week 8…pat yourself on the back!

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Good Luck!

Now onto the week that was. CHECK BACK EACH WEEK TO SEE WHAT is going and went on!

TRADE BAIT(s): Vince Young…admit it you have been waiting for a game like this past week from him, so you can dump him…now is your last chance.

STAR(S) OF WEEK (officially renamed the LT of the Week): Chester Taylor…3 TD’s and 200 total yards…We could name TO and Romo or Randy and Brady…but whats the fun in that!

DUD(S) of the Week: Lendale White, Brandon Jacobs (plus he got hurt) and Marc Bulger

Hot Pick up(s) of the week: Lets revisit some people I already gave you…Andre Hall, Kolby Smith, Ron Dayne, Ricky Williams…take a flyer on Davard Darling, but buyer beware.

TEAM(s) of the WEEK: Gotta love the Denver Broncos beating a good Tennesse team like that on Monday night

Ut Oh of the week: Pittsburgh Steelers..did the JETS actually just show everyone how to beat this team?

See ya next week!

as always I can be reached ay or call into Chicken Box Friday!