October 12, 2007 | WNST Interns


START THEM THIS WEEK…check back weekly…..We will never say start LT or LJ that is too obvious and We will never tell you to sit someone, but here are some people we really like ….you can make the sit calls or email us for our view…track how accurate we are…..we have been as good as everyone else so check us out.


Must Starts QB: P. Manning, Kitna, Brady, Farve, Bulger, Palmer, Romo, Cutler, Roethlisberger …I removed MCNABB, BREES, RIVERS AND YOUNG…Added Romo, Cutler, Roethlisberger, Farve

QB’s:  McNabb coming off the bye, Culpepper off the bye, Harrington against a bad Giants secondary

Must Starts RB: LT, LJ, R. Johnson, Gore, Westbrook, Addai, Maroney, Parker, Alexander, S. Jackson

RB’s: I know he is a must start, to me at least but Larry Johnson has a great game! Ronnie Brown is now a weekly must start, DeShaun Foster is good to go this week, Brandon Jacobs is healthy, Willis McGehee (maybe he finally gets 25 carries this week) and I like Edge again this week.

Must Starts WR: Fitzgerald, Boldin, Evans, S. Smith, Chad Johnson, T.J. Housh, Owens, Walker, R. Williams, Driver, A. Johnson, Harrison, Wayne, Colston, Branch, Holt, Cooley, Shockey, Gonzalez, Clark, Whitten, Winslow, Heap…

WR’s/TE’s: Reggie Brown, finally…Greg Jennings, Dwayne Bowe and Chris Chambers..Derrick Mason get the looks and catches…I think a TD this week.

now some other guys we like this week: Tony Gonzales, Owen Daniels, Brian Greise (he will have to throw a lot), Thomas Jones, Drew Bennett, Vince Young (really, I do), Reggie Bush and Eli Manning.

SLEEPER(s) OF THE WEEK….what DUD will become a STUD…at least for one week….we will try to give a QB, RB and WR/TE each week…

QB: Cleo Lemon…hey anyone that play Cleveland, right?!

RB: Jason Wright, if Jamal Lewis is out…and Dominic Rhodes, if Jordan is out

WR/TE: Bryant Johnson…Warner is back folks…anyone can have a huge day. Also Jeff King in Carolina…

Kicker and Defense: David Akers and Janokowski for the kickers and on Defense try Atlanta for a Defensive score this week…like Eli but he will make a really bad throw once a game.