November 01, 2007 | WNST Interns

START THEM THIS WEEK…check back weekly…..We will never say start LT or LJ that is too obvious and We will never tell you to sit someone, but here are some people we really like ….you can make the sit calls or email us for our view…track how accurate we are…..we have been as good as everyone else so check us out.


Must Starts QB: P. Manning, Kitna, Brady, Farve, Palmer, Romo, Cutler, Roethlisberger, Anderson…I removed Bulger, MCNABB, BREES, RIVERS AND YOUNG…Added Romo, Cutler, Roethlisberger, Farve, Anderson

QB’s: Rivers, Hasselbeck and McNair (yes him) are nice bye-week fill-in’s. WATCH SOME SLEEPER BELOW

Must Starts RB: LT, LJ, R. Johnson, Gore, Westbrook, Addai, Maroney, Parker, Alexander, S. Jackson (when healthy), ADDED to the list now. L. White!

RB’s: Clinton Portis, Earnest Graham, Kevin Jones and Marshawnl Lynch get it done!

Must Starts WR: Fitzgerald, Boldin, Evans, S. Smith, Chad Johnson, T.J. Housh, Owens, R. Williams, Driver, A. Johnson (coming back soon), Harrison, Wayne, Colston, Holt, Cooley, Shockey, Gonzalez, Clark, Whitten, Winslow, Heap…also R. Moss, W. Welker, B. Edwards

WR’s/TE’s: D. Branch (if he goes), Roddy White and Josh Reed

now some other guys we like this week:

SLEEPER(s) OF THE WEEK….what DUD will become a STUD…at least for one week….we will try to give a QB, RB and WR/TE each week…

QB: J P Losman and Quinn Gray…love these guys this week…

RB: Chris Henry has 2 TD’s in 2 weeks…if Brown does not play…ride the wave!

WR/TE: Shaun McDonald with Calvin Johnson banged up, Ben Utecht…Manning has a way of finding the open guy…

Kicker and Defense: David Akers and Mare with New Orleans…Defense try Detroit…they have been better then you think…



It was Holloween last night so here are some costumes I have seen this year:


1. Dressed as Nostradamus: Jon Kitna, nice prediction..10 wins…could be!

2. Dressed as Superman: Duh! Tom Brady!…what has been in his corn flakes!

3. Dressed as the Invisible Man: Shaun Alexander…got paid…won’t play!

4. Dressed as Mummys: RUDI JOHNSON, ANDRE JOHNSON…get it a mummy, they have been hurt all year! Bandages…see it

5. Dressed as the evil VINCENT KENNEDY MCMAHON or Simon Cowell: Bill Belichick…cheat who me? I will show you how to cheat!

6. Dressed as a Man waiting on a train: Andy Reid…maybe its time for the train to get you….

7. Dressed as Moses: Roger Goddell…I think he think he could part the Red Sea!

8. Dressed as Dr Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde: New Orleans Saints….

9. Dressed as Cinderella: Baltimore Ravens…almost time to turn back into a pumpkin!

10. Dressed as an NFL team: Miami Dolphins….wow are they bad!

Check out the: WHATS NEW PAGE

Good Luck!

Now onto the week that was. CHECK BACK EACH WEEK TO SEE WHAT is going and went on!

TRADE BAIT(s): OK…stay with me here…NON-KEEPER LEAGUES ONLY…Adrian Peterson…sorry but until MINN gets a QB and some receivers…he will see 8 or 9 in the box…and still loses 10 touches a game to Taylor

STAR(S) OF WEEK (officially renamed the LT of the Week): Joseph Addai and Marques Colston

DUD(S) of the Week: Brian Greise was horrible against the Lions, but VINCE YOUNG…43 yards passing..WOW!

Hot Pick up(s) of the week: Ryan Grant…JP LOSMAN for a fill in this week…even Steve McNair may be OK…MAYBE

TEAM(s) of the WEEK: DETROIT LIONS..swept the BEARS…That KITNA is starting to look pretty smart!

Ut Oh of the week: CHICAGO BEARS…got swept by the LIONS…lost at home…RB is upset and everyone is upset with him…traded away Thomas Jones, how’s that treatin ya!

See ya next week!