Fifty Years Ago Today…

June 16, 2007 | WNST Interns

I realize we’re all Baltimore sports, all the time, here at WNST.  But I wanted to take a moment out of my day to blog this very special wish to my parents, Ginger and Bob.  And I know Nestor is all about family, because he constantly stresses that around these parts.

With that said, I want to wish a very special Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary to my wonderful parents!  Bob and Ginger Suchy are a Baltimore institution! 

It all started June 15, 1957 at St. Mary’s Govans.  What began that day is a journey of love, friendship and teamwork that has guided me through all my trials and tribulations (you remember them all, right Mom?).  Everything I’ve ever achieved, all I’ve worked for, the essence of who I am is thanks to the two most fantastic parents you could ever imagine.

Mom and Dad, you’ve ALWAYS been there for John’s concerts and plays, my games and Luke’s endless summers of Legion baseball.  You’ve taught us respect for others, compassion, patience and love.  You’ve given us tremendous educations, traveled the world and taught us how to ski and sail.  You’ve been the model of true love for fifty years.

I wish you as much love and happiness as your hearts can hold.  I wish you could be here for another fifty years.  I wish you health, wealth, happiness and a golden crown in Heaven. 

Every day I try to be the best worker, the best husband, the best father that I can.  I know I probably fail more often than not, but I’ll never stop trying.  You taught me that.  Just don’t stop trying.

So raise a glass and say Cheers!  Fifty years of marriage!  Ginger and Bob, Together Forever!

I love you both.  I can never thank you both enough, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop saying it.

Thank you for everything.


Your Son Mark (Father of the 3 Best Grandsons Ever)

WNST Host and Blogger

P.S.  Mom, please let me handle the arrangements for your 75th Anniversary!