Fighting Ungers Hate Mail, Contest update and Should Troy Smith Be Looked at Come Draft Day

April 26, 2007 | WNST Interns

Andrew and I received our first official “hate mail” today.  Well, I wouldn’t call it hate mail but the guy did say “Nitwits Two… That’s You!!”  I really appreciate the fact that the guy went the extra mile to include a second exclamation point.  Unfortunately I have no idea who the guy is or what he was referring to.  It might’ve been the blog from yesterday where I drilled Angelos and the Orioles front office for their poor marketing skills. Anyway, here was my response:


Thank you very much for your informed email…  I’m completely okay with negative criticism but would like to know if you can be more specific.  Exactly HOW are we nitwits?  Am I more or less of a nitwit than my brother?  Scale of 1-10 how nitwitted are we?  10 is we might as well be drooling, cross-eyed with a spinner hat on our head.  1 is we might make a poor meal decision once in awhile. Please elaborate.






Right now it looks like Alex Rios and David Ortiz are battling it out for “stinkiest?” of the week.  Good luck to Scott, Rob and the three other contestants.  Contest ends Friday Morning and you’ll be contacted to let you know you won and to get your address so we can send you the $25 gift certificate to the Bowman restaurant.


Speaking of The Bowman, had a burger there last night while watching the Nationals-Phillies game.  Best burger in town! Not just saying that either.  Perfectly cooked and really tasty.  Check it out.




Haven’t watched a game yet but I hear good things…




Mel Kiper did a piece this morning about Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith and how his stock is plummeting in the draft.  According to Kiper, he could end up being a third or even fourth rounder. 


The knock against him is that he’s undersized and, in the pocket, his field vision is poor.  In other words, he’s short and can’t see over his offensive line.  Um, two words-  DOUG FLUTIE! 


Smith has the mobility and athleticism to scramble and make things happen downfield.  There’s a chance that whoever does take him will be getting a guy with the talent and a big enough chip on his shoulder to do some very productive things on the football field.


His favorite NFL quarterback is Tom Brady and we all know what he’s done since being taken in the sixth round.  The guy plays ANGRY.  Do the Ravens take a chance?  Personally, as a native New Yorker, I have NO problem with the Giants picking him up and seeing if he can help light a fire under Eli Manning.  Something has to spark that team because right now the Giants have a chance to truly- well you know… stink!




*After a major executive decision the original word has been replaced with the word “stink”