Finally a game that matters…sort of

August 13, 2007 | WNST Interns

As a fantasy guy, I watch pre-season football a bit different then some. I am trying to find clues as to what the "real" season may entail for all NFL teams. Which is a bit hard since no NFL team wants to show what they will/can do in a "REAL" game. But for the players it’s a chance to hit someone in another uniform for a change. So here are the top 10 things I will be looking forward to seeing.

1. Willis McGahee – I want to see him get 5 carries where he hits the hole with authority…I do not care how many yards he gets. I just want to see what we have been missing for a few years, a RB who gets the ball, does not tippy toe and runs to daylight. I’d also like to see him catch a ball out of the backfield tonight.

2. Yamon Figures – Why do many people rate the BEARS ahead of the RAVENS for Fantasy Defenses? It’s because you get the Special Teams along with the Defense and Chicago has Devin Hester and the Ravens don’t. Can Yamon Figures be the answer for the Ravens? We shall see…

3. The play calling – Yes I know they are not going to show their entire offense, but i would like to see a shot or two down the field. I’d like to see a RB screen, I’d like to see one imaginative play.

4. Antwan Barnes and Jarrett Johnson – The two guys that could play a huge role on the defense this year. I saw Mr. Barnes in college and he is a relentless pass rusher. IF BARNES PLAYS.

5. Matt Stover – Yes reliable Matt…he worries me this year…don’t know why, call it a gut feeling…but I want to see a 45 yards FG made with plenty to spare.

6. Kyle Boller – Yes, Kyle..I’d like to see him get a series or two against the Eagles first string defense. I want to see him not fumble the ball, lock in on a receiver or have happy feet. I am tired of year in and year out hearing how good he looks in practice.

7. The New WR’s – Matt Willis and Romby Bryant…I want to see how they run routes…I think the Ravens need to move along Mr. Moore and Mr. Darling, but can’t if these young guys can’t handle the pressure of a NFL game.

8. The Eagles Offense – I want to see the pass vs run play selection. I know McNabb will not play, but want to see how Kevin Curtis fits in…and how Kevin Kolb does in a pro-style offense.

9. Ravens OLINE – getting younger and better…the Eagles have a decent defense…I want to see a mean streak from the line.

10. The guys we do not know – Seems like each year a player comes out of nowhere to make the Ravens…who will it be this year?

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