Fire The Manager

May 23, 2007 | WNST Interns

Mike Hargrove, Lee Mazzilli, and Ray Miller — all three were Oriole managers.

Hargrove was a "winner." His team went to the World Series and he was a proven manager who knew how to win.

Mazzilli was the fresh blood from a winning organization, an understudy of Joe Torre.

Ray Miller was an Oriole. He knew the so called "Oriole Way." Now, Sam Perlozzo is in the driver’s seat — a baseball guy, a former minor league manager and a "players" manager.

Over the past 10 years, the Orioles, have had every type of manager possible, yet they continue to find a way to lose. Is it the GM’s (or whatever title the Orioles have this week for the position)? There have been several of them. The really good ones left town in a hurry. Couldn’t be that?

Lets not forget, at some point, the players need to be held accountable. Bedard needs to give that one more inning. The 40 million dollar bullpen needs to come in and shut down the hitters. Tejada, Huff, Gibbons, and the others need to get some big hits in key situations.

The Orioles need some continuity. Getting a new manager every two or three years isn’t good for anyone. Is Perlozzo the right guy for the job? Its way too early to tell…

Last year he had an outfield that had Fernando Tatis, David Newhan, and Brandon Fahey. John Halama, Julio Manon, Winston Abreu, Tim Byrdak, Eric Dubose, Jim Johnson, Eddy Rodriguez, Bruce Chen and Russ Ortiz were all part of the pitching staff. How did Perlozzo lose with all of that talent?

Give Perlozzo a chance! 

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