First Half Thoughts

November 06, 2007 | WNST Interns

There is no excuse for this sorry (35-7) performance in the first half.  Not wind, rain nor injuries.  This team looks over-matched and bewildered.  In fact this is down right embarrassing.
  • Four fumbles and an interception by McNair, Reed and McGahee are unacceptable.  These are not rookie players.
  • Poor tackling–Pryce and Suggs missed two sacks that have led to two touchdowns.
  • The young corners are not ready for this stage.
  • Penalties (eight in the first half)  Delay of game at your own one?
  • Adam Terry is a good left tackle; the experiment at right tackle should be over.
  • The offensive line is not communicating.  How many James Harrisons are there on the field.
  • How much more of this Steelers 75th Anniversary garbage do I have to put up with?
Someone wake me up when this nightmare ends.  When does Maryland Basketball Start?