Free Michael Vick? WHAAT?

December 18, 2007 | WNST Interns

Read the below article and then try not to puke in disgust.  Maybe it’s my fault for not paying attention but I was unaware that,  last Monday night, several Falcons players used their national appearance to make a statement in support of their former teammate Michael Vick.  All were appropriately fined but is that enough?  Here’s the article…

Quite frankly I’m getting sick of athletes.  All of them.  Or most of them.  The arrogance.  The pomposity.  The total disregard for societal rules.  FREE MICHAEL VICK?  That’s gotta be someone’s idea of a sick joke.  The man was killing dogs for sport!  The man lied to his boss, his boss’s boss and the commissioner of ALL his bosses.  He’s a disgrace. 

How could guys be so stupid to not see the damage he caused to his own team?  The Falcons have been in total disarray all season long because their star player is a liar and a degenerate.  I don’t want to hear about "Southern culture" or "desensitivity".  Michael Vick was an overrated quarterback and now a convicted felon.  He never should’ve been put in the position of being a poster boy for the NFL because he’s proven that he exemplifies most of what’s wrong with professional sports today.  He’s always been image over substance and he sent a message to kids that’s sick and disturbed.  Every player who took steroids or HGH did it to gain a competitive edge.  Michael Vick slammed dogs to the ground, drowned them and electrocuted them because he thought it was fun.  Which is worse?

We live in a country where we’re allowed to protest.   Fine.  However, the NFL isn’t a country and Joe Horn and co. aren’t "citizens" of the NFL.  I’m sure we’re going to hear about free speech issues and players voicing their own opinions.  I don’t care.  As far as I’m concerned they should be banned for supporting the activities of a convicted felon.   What do you think?