December 11, 2007 | WNST Interns

 The liverpoolfctv website is highlighting today’s match up as "D-day in Marseilles." Rafa is claiming that it is business as usual. Somewhere in the middle the truth lies.
 You’d imagine that Saturday’s drubbing by Reading, the less-than-stellar European campaign and Man U on the very near horizon must all be weighing quite heavily on the Spaniard’s thinning pate. But this is a man that insists his pressure is served warm with a side of Chianti.
 Regardless of whether or not his steely demeanour is for show, Rafa, must be feeling a bit of pressure. With Curious George set to be in attendance ahead of the little chat he and Hicks are planning, Rafa almost has to provide.
 But enough of the in camera nonsense. Rafa will not lose his job, and it will be more of the same at Anfield and abroad regardless of how today turns out.
 My sincere hope is that Momo doesn’t kit up today. It’s become less about my disdain for his style of play, or lack thereof, as it has for a desire for the team to win. And with him on the pitch it becomes less of a likelihood of any success.
 Young Master Hobbs has proven to be an adequate central defender, and with the Gillett/Hicks trade embargo looking like it will stay in effect. Perhaps he won’t get lost in translation as Rafa goes looking for his 4th central defender.
 Dirkie and The Kid will be up front. It’s been a while since they partnered. It is one of my favourite strike duos. Dirk’s work rate balances Torres’ lack of one and he can make things happen for the Spanish international.
 This really is all hands on deck for the lads in red. There are shades of Olympiakos here, only the team is deeper and on the rebound from a stinging defeat that is sure to spur them onto something big.
 There is no real deep insight to be had. Liverpool has to win to be assured of going through. All the calculations and what-ifs are meaningless if we put more in their net then they do ours.
  "Nuff said.