Friday’s Dover Report …

June 02, 2007 | WNST Interns

Well, it’s a steamy, sauna-like friday afternoon at the "Monster Mile" and the Rex/Katie-Team have ventured all over the track. We’ve empahsized our efforts on the Nextel Cup garage. Things are extrememly hectic in the garage area and interview opportunities are not a prudent proposal at this point. However, qualifying is just getting underway and we’ll have some good audio stuff in about an hour.

To this point, we’ve seized opportunties to get some real nice photos with Nextel Cup drivers. I’ll admit, Katie is HOGGING the face time …. but these guys would prefer to have a good-looking girl, albeit sweaty, with an arm around them. Below, you’ll find a pretty cool pic with Katie and 1999 NASCAR Champion, Dale Jarrett. He was gracious and suprisingly upbeat …. given his struggles this season.

Today has been especially good for me …. I saw my favorite sports personality, Suzy Kolber, in the media center. She looks fantastic …. her hair is substantially longer than during the past football season. I’ll make every effort to track her down over the next day or so. An interview with Suzy would be a highlight of our trip.

We did see some "Big Guns" a bit earlier. The current points leader and 4-Time NASCAR Champion, Jeff Gordon, hurried through the garage, prior to the first practice …. but as you can see, he paused to sign as many autographs, as possible.

And, lastly, Katie Browne seized one of her primary endeavors by stealing a pic with some guy named Junior. It was a very moving experience for our favorite producer. Keep checking back …. we’ll update things after qualifying concludes.