From 1 Winning Drive: An Inside Look on Draft Da

April 29, 2007 | WNST Staff

So Joe Staley made it past the Giants, who were thought to be a team that would take him.  I still do not think that he will make it to the Ravens.  Apparently the Patriots are very high on him too.

Brian Billick just walked by the media room here in the facility.  Ozzie Newsome has also walked past in the last hour or so – no they did not come in and give us any insight.

The media dining room for today is well stocked with sodas, candy, fruit, chips and water.  Lunch was chicken wings and cold cuts – is it dinner time yet? The Ravens take care of the media during events like this.

Here is some insight as to what is available to the media.  In the normal media room, we have a plasma screen television that is a fixture during the season.  There are about 10 media members in here watching the draft and chatting about the picks.  I am sitting at my cubicle in the facility typing this and looking at my picture of me and Stacy Keibler.

In the auditorium, here at the facility, is a board that has all the picks on it and each player