From 1 Winning Drive: Ben Grubb

April 29, 2007 | WNST Staff

Ben Grubbs is the newest Baltimore Raven. He is the first Auburn guy the Ravens have ever drafted.  Ben said it will be an interesting contract talk with Ozzie, due to his Alabama ties.

I honestly believed that Joe Staley was the Ravens’ guy, and they would have taken him had it not been for the 49ers jumping up to take him at No. 28.

Ben never visited the Ravens, and he later admitted that he never really had any discussions with the team.  I asked Ben what it was like when he received the call, the one saying he was “the guy.”  He said he had a caller ID, which showed a call was coming from Baltimore.  When he realized it was the Ravens, he started jumping up and down and hollering with excitement.

Grubbs said the Ravens are his favorite team to watch and Ray Lewis is his favorite player.

It will be interesting to see how the Ravens approach the guard position for the upcoming season. With Jason Brown penciled in as one of the guards, the battle now will be between Grubbs, Chris Chester and Keydrick Vincent for that starting job.

The Ravens have really addressed their offensive line with picks of Adam Terry, Jason Brown, Chris Chester and Ben Grubbs. It is a clear sign that the Ravens are going with a younger, more athletic offensive line, which will lead to guys that can get down field and throw blocks for Willis McGahee.

Ozzie Newsome admitted that he had conversations with Brady Quinn and tried to get something going to move up to get him. That obviously didn’t happen.  Ozzie jokingly said,