From 1 Winning Drive: Billick – Dilfer and some offensive numbers

October 03, 2007 | WNST Staff

So as usual, a Wednesday out at Owings Mills was very interesting. We may have finally got some closure to the Brian Billick-Trent Dilfer saga. Today in case you missed it, Trent Dilfer apologized to Brian Billick for the harsh words that Trent has had for Brian over the last couple of years (in case you missed it, the sound is on the website on the audio vault).
Having had the chance to talk to Trent the last couple of years at the Super Bowl, I can tell you first hand from seeing, talking , and listening to Trent, he had a bunch of built up aggression towards Brian and the way that things ended here in Baltimore. Trent has also been very vocal about how he would love to return to Baltimore one day and the love he has for the city and what it meant to him and his family during their time here. Hopefully Sunday Trent and Brian can talk to one another and put the hard feelings behind them and move on. Trent will always be cheered and welcomed here in Baltimore for what he meant to this football team and this city.
The red zone offense was a big topic of discussion today. Here are some of the numbers when it relates to the Ravens and the red zone:
-The Ravens are 27th in the NFL in the red zone with a 35% success rate
 Here are their numbers inside the red zone for each game this year:
1-4 vs CIN
2-3 vs NYJ
1-3 vs ARZ
1-4 vs CLV
One of the other hot topics this season has been the play calling on 3rd down by the Ravens offense. With 63 possessions on 3rd down this year, the Ravens have run the football 10 times and passed it 53 times.
Here are some more numbers when it comes to the calls on 3rd down:
yds to go         attempts         conversions
 1-2                      5                      7
 3-5                      1                      1
 6-10                    0                      2
yds to go       attempts         conversions
1-2                   11                       7
3-5                   19                       9
6-10                 15                       7
11-15                6                        0
16 +                  2                        0
One other interesting stat is that the Ravens on offense are #2 in the NFL in time of possession. The Ravens have had the ball for over 31 plus minutes every single game this season.