From 1 Winning Drive: JO back….no wait…he is gone

September 19, 2007 | WNST Staff

Jonathan Ogden returned to the practice field this morning, fully dressed and ready to go….then 5 minutes later he was gone as he walked off the field with the trainer for the Ravens.
Steve McNair was back at practice today and looked like he was ready to go with the first team offense. When the team was hitting the blocking sled, he was back there as the QB with the first team offense.
Gary Stills was not dressed for practice today; he was out there and appeared to have some type of compression sleeve on his leg. Dan Wilcox was at practice running on the side, he has been bothered by a lingering ankle injury.
Kenny Mayne from ESPN is here, not sure if he is doing one of his specials with a Ravens player or not.