From 1 Winning Drive: J.O., Mike Anderson news, and Madden 08 talk

September 08, 2007 | WNST Staff

The Ravens still are not tipping their hands whether or not Jonathan Ogden will be playing on Monday night. I will still stick to what I have said since day 1 of training camp and still feel that J.O. will be there at left tackle Monday night.
Mike Anderson was out again today from practice for personal reasons. Brian Billick said it will be hard for him to go on Monday night. It is unclear what the personal reason is, an honestly it is none of anyone’s business but Mike’s.
I had a chance to talk some football with Mark Clayton today…ok; I only asked him two football questions. The rest of the conversation was based around the new version of Madden 08. For anyone that uses the Ravens as your team on that game, be sure to check out the interview in the audio vault for some offensive pointers from Mark. I plan to go home and try these pointers out, and if they do not work, I have told Mark that I am going to trade him. Mark also talks about who are the best Madden players on the team, and what team he likes to use.