From 1 Winning Drive: J.O. update, injury news,captains, and a T-Sizzle prank

September 07, 2007 | WNST Staff

The Ravens returned to the field this morning and the big man was out there with the first team. Jonathan Ogden was working with the first team at the left tackle position, which could be an indication that he will start on Monday night. Unless of course Brian is playing a cruel joke on us and wants us to think that JO is going to play. I am still sticking with that he will play.
Gary Stills, Dan Wilcox, Samari Rolle, and Mark Clayton were all back at practice today and showing no signs that their injuries are lingering. I would expect that all of those guys will be out there and playing on Monday night.
If you noticed last night, the Saints and the Colts both had players wearing the C on their uniform for the team captain. The Ravens will not name captains for their team.
The Ravens took their team picture on Tuesday and they way that they do it is by lining up in numerical order. Just as they were about to take the picture, they realized that someone wearing a number was not who they were use to seeing. Apparently Terrell Suggs convinced Edgar Jones to wear # 55 while Suggs wore Jones #91 and took the right place numerically in the picture. There was no picture taken before they realized the trick, and Jones said that Suggs made him do it.
Will be back for more after practice this afternoon, hoping to get a few minutes to talk 1 on 1 with Kyle Boller, and also expecting to hear from Rex Ryan today.