From 1 Winning Drive: McNair update and Chester Taylor news

October 12, 2007 | WNST Staff

So let the speculation start. Steve McNair was not at practice for a second straight day. Steve missed yesterday’s practice with a stiff back, no word on what kept him out today, or if it will possibly cause him to miss Sunday’s game.
Adam Terry and Dan Wilcox were the only players not at practice this morning. Samari Rolle, Mike Flynn, Derrick Mason, and JO, were all at practice this morning.
Breaking news….Chester Taylor got into a fight with a teammate. Chester was not very popular with media, some teammates, and Ravens employee’s while he was here with the Ravens. Chester was involved in a scuffle while he was here with Orlando Brown in 2004 before the Bears game. Chester was also known to get into some other altercations around town. Chester always thought it was funny to crack jokes on teammates, media, and other players, and was just not a very popular person during his time here.

I think he is in his final days with the Vikings anyway.