From 1 Winning Drive: News and notes

September 19, 2007 | WNST Staff

Another Wednesday, another Bart Scott quote. Bart referred to Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin as a “jacked-up HGH-version of Hines Ward.”
Here are some of the other news and notes from Wednesday at Owings Mills:
          Brian apologized for the comments about the Jets and the “illegal” activity with their defensive line. Brian said he was not trying to imply anything and wanted to make that public knowledge.
          The team is impressed with how quickly Nick Greisen has come in and picked up things with the special teams. Nick has had a lot of NFL experience and will contribute to the team.
          Gary Stills did not practice today as he has something going on with his knee where he has to have it drained then will miss a day. He is expected to be back at practice and to play on Sunday.
          Kenny Mayne was here filming one of his segments for ESPN on Sunday, that will be hilarious. I got to watch some of the filming and who is involved, and it is very entertaining. The basis of the segment will revolve around Todd Heap and his TD catch last Sunday.
          Jonathan Ogden said he was having some shoe problems were why he had to go back inside during the media viewing time of practice.
          As you can imagine, the Donovan McNabb comments were asked about during the media session today. Brian Billick said he was not aware of what was said, while Steve McNair said from the beginning he did not want to answer any questions about McNabb.
          Dan Wilcox is trying to work his way back from the ankle injury that he suffered during training camp and was bothered again by it during the opener versus the Bengals.
          Steve McNair said that it is his objective to start on Sunday versus the Cardinals.
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