From 1 Winning Drive: The Friday walking wounded

October 19, 2007 | WNST Staff

Here are the Ravens walking wounded as Friday’s practice got under way:
Steve McNair: not at practice
Todd Heap: not at practice
Chris McAlister: not at practice
Dan Wilcox: not at practice
Trevor Pryce: not at practice
Ray Lewis: did not practice but attended
Samari Rolle: did not practice but attended
Mike Flynn: did not practice but attended
  • Flynn and Rolle practiced on Wednesday and Thursday
Notes from practice:
          Jonathan Ogden appeared to move around pretty gingerly on his foot during the offensive lineman drills
          The Ravens have a speed bag (boxing) hanging in their indoor facility and several of the players use it while waiting for practice to begin. Derrick Mason, Willis McGahee, and Haloti Ngata all took turns on it for a few minutes today. Jonathan Ogden was much better with it then the other previous mentioned players. Bart Scott is still the best player that I have ever seen use it, but Bart does boxing workout as a part of his off season work out.
          While special teams were going through their drills on one half of the field, the rest of the players come out and start to stretch. T-Sizzle was on the sideline watching special teams while others had started stretching. Coach Billick then asked Suggs if he wanted to go stretch or come play special teams, which Suggs answered by quickly running over to the stretching group.
Will be back later with updates on who may be playing this weekend and who is not.