From the ball park: My apology letter to Cal Ripken bobble hea

June 09, 2007 | WNST Staff

Dear Cal Ripken bobble head,
 I apologize that I am not able to take you home where you can meet my other Orioles bobble heads. I hope the Orioles understand how it will feel to have to go home and explain to Raffy, Palmer and Earl, Sosa, Tejada, Roberts, Hairston, and Rick Dempsey, that you can not come join them.
There once was a time where I would have gotten a bobble head, taken it home and let you guys all get to know one another, but that was before I was voted off the island. Since the Orioles only had a limited supply and a friends and family list of who was to receive them, I am sure the guys will understand. I mean do you really think that the Orioles would have said to not give me one or WBAL or a couple of other media members one on purpose? Maybe they went in alphabetical order and W is way down the line in letters. Maybe it is because they thought I might ask you a question and you answer it and they would consider that an interview…just think if I would have called the station and put the phone up to your ear, you would have been the first Orioles person to come on the air. However I am sure if they would have sent Uncle Tony or someone to my house to take you away.
Don’t worry about us, we will survive. I will just take home a picture of your bobble head and light some candles around your picture. I think all the guys will nod their heads in agreement that we will be "OK," and go on with out you.
We are however waiting for the Orioles to put out the Erik Bedard bobble head, which will be life-like, since it will say nothing.