From the ballpark: A memorable day at Camden Yard

June 18, 2007 | WNST Staff

Finally a player acts like he cares on the Orioles. You can hear all the audio from this afternoon’s very interesting clubhouse on the main page of our website. Kevin said what no other Orioles have had the glass jewels to stand up and say. Before you ask “who is he to say those things”? He is the ONLY guy in that club house that will do it. I would pay top money to be in that club house in San Diego when Millar calls the team meeting; I can see one-five stepping on some peoples toes and not caring about it.
While Kevin was going off about all things O’s, you should have seen the look that some of his teammates were giving in his direction while he was talking. Some appeared to give him that, “here he goes again” look and it was not a good thing. Others when they were told that Millar was going to hold a players only meeting simply shrugged their shoulders and rolled their eyes.
Just for the record I am still sticking with my blog that I wrote yesterday, that I do not believe Sam joins the team in San Diego. The Orioles do not leave Baltimore for the West Coast till 3 p.m. tomorrow, so that leaves plenty of time to do something as far as a move with the manager.
This afternoon was a very interesting scene with players just irritated, and then having the media in there did not help matters much, with some of their attitudes.
However, Kevin Millar was willing to stand up and say what needed to be said, finally someone showed that they have some emotion and are sick of losing. That is why I have and always will be a Kevin Millar fan.
Can someone tell me where to buy one of his jerseys?
Other players who will rename nameless, where standing there staring at reporters and making remarks about media people while they were talking to another player.
Here is to hoping Kevin Millar ends up on a team of guys who actually care and get pissed off when they lose.
Sam, I got a bad feeling that we might have got to talk to you for the last time today. Although maybe if you are fired we will have a chance to get you on WNST since you will no longer be an Orioles employee.
Anyone think I am off base here?