From the ballpark : And the hits just keep on rollin

June 14, 2007 | WNST Staff

What is better than extra inning baseball between the Nationals and the Orioles?
How about almost anything you can think about.
This game tonight was a perfect example of what the Orioles entire season has been like. Get a lead, lose a lead, tie it up, and give it up.
I have said this many times before; Chris Ray is not effective beyond being a 1 inning pitcher yet again tonight that showed true. He gives up a blooper hit to Fick, which Tejada should have either continued to run after, or let Jay Payton catch it. Coach Smith taught us in little league when I played for the Brookshire Saints , that is  much easier to come in and catch a ball than to run out and try to catch it. So Fick is on, and then comes the big bopper for the Nats Ryan Langerhans who is hitting an astounding .155. Ray gets up 0-2 on him and walks him, Chris decides to throw sliders to a guy that you would think he could get out with his fastball alone. Christian Guzman, come on down, you’re the next contestant on everybody walks game. Enter Felipe Lopez who was about one word away from getting thrown out of the game, who drives a ball down the 1st base line for a 3 rbi triple.
Let’s not even discuss the exciting Orioles clubhouse where it is a game of who can get out of the clubhouse the quickest. I did see something that tells you all you need to know about this team. Kevin Millar came into the clubhouse while several of his teammates were lounging back on the couches acting like it is no big deal they lost. Millar walked in and went up to two different pitchers who pitched in the game and patted them on the back and gave them the old “keep your head up”, nod.
It has been well documented; I am a Kevin Millar fan. I only hope that he finds away onto a team for a playoff run. He is a guy that every team would like to have on it. He absolutely gets it.
Mean while there are other guys on this team who are getting paid a lot more money who seem to think that it is an honor for you to be able to talk to them. Even Jay Payton who I am a fan of also, who collected his 1,000 hit tonight was gone out of the clubhouse quicker than the laundry headed to the washing machine.
Tomorrow could be a very big day in Orioles history. My bat senses tells me that if the Orioles get swept by the Nationals, I think I could be looking at covering my 4th manager in 4 years.
When does training camp start again?