From the ballpark: Back to the basic

June 28, 2007 | WNST Staff

To say that the Orioles are going back to basics may be an understatement. The Orioles relief pitchers were out taking fielding practice with a bunt being laid down, them fielding the ball and throwing it to 1st base.
The starting pitchers were out in the outfield practicing pick off moves to 2nd and also working on pitching out to the catcher.
It is very interesting to see that taking place, because besides spring training, how much practice do these guys get with these basic skills?
Everyone’s favorite all time Orioles Jon Knott has been sent back to the minors, and the team has called up Brandon Fahey, who is about as old school of a baseball player as you can get, I enjoy watching Brandon play the game.
Off to hear what Andy McPhail has to say today…back soon