From the ballpark: I can’t even get a free gif

June 09, 2007 | WNST Staff

Sometimes the best guys are not always the best players. In my opinion one of the best, nicest, friendliest, Oriole players to ever put on the uniform will be wearing the colors of the Rockies tonight, and that would be La Troy Hawkins.
La Troy is a great guy, a guy who gets what being a very solid human is all about. This afternoon I made a direct route to the Rockies clubhouse to say hi to La Troy. La Troy gave me the modern day handshake and a hug and asked how things were going. I asked La Troy if he had a few minutes for Rob and he said “you mean the coach”, and laughed. La Troy then talked with Rob about a little bit of everything from baseball to basketball.
You can find that interview in the WNST audio vault at
Another good former Oriole is also with the Rockies…Rodrigo Lopez. Rodrigo would often rub people the wrong way with the things that he said, and the way that he pitched, but he never turned down an interview or refused to talk to the media whether his performance was good or bad. This is part of why Erik Bedard aggravates me to no ends of the world with his hall of fame attitude. Another very solid stand up guy is in the Rockies clubhouse and that would be Jorge Julio. Jorge was always very friendly and would answer questions whether he struck out six guys or gave up six homeruns.
Funny story for you, earlier this afternoon, someone from the Orioles came into the pressbox with Cal Ripken bobble heads that they are giving away this weekend. Now usually they come in with boxes of the stuff they are giving away and give them to the media. Today was interesting, only a few were “available” according to them and they give them to select media members, I guess you could say “friends and family”. Needless to say I did not get one, which in all honesty I will lose about zero point one seconds of sleep over it. Just think it is funny how they have select people that they want to give stuff to, whatever.