From the ballpark : Pregame thought

June 13, 2007 | WNST Staff

If this game ends up being rained out, you can thank or blame which ever you want to pick, Tony Batista. He was out there doing some sort of weird rain dance thing at 3rd base before taking ground balls… I am joking of course; I know that this is his pregame ritual thing.
The media here is covering this like it is Yankees – Mets or Dodgers –Angels. It was so packed in the pregame media session with Sam Perlozzo that we had to do two separate sets of interviews with him.
It is not looking so great weather wise here at the ballpark. All I am asking is that if it is going to rain and this game get called, please try to get it over with before 9 p.m., and tonight is Fight Night on Spike TV.
Corey Patterson is struggling right now and that is part of the reason why he tends to find himself on the bench more and more these days. Corey got out of his slump last year when he started bunting the ball for base hits. Right now, he can’t even do that, which has lead to frustration. Remember coming out of spring training last year, Luis Matos had the starting job, wow there is a name that should go into a where are they now segment. The knock on Corey has always been that he is a free swinger and does not have a great knowledge of the strike zone.
Ok, must go get some coffee to prepare for this great game that we are about to see. Plus I have to read up more on this Vince McMahon situation, I can not believe that this happened.