From training camp: Off the field

August 17, 2007 | WNST Staff

It is an interesting scene here in the lobby of the Ravens hotel, as the ping pong table is full of action again.
Justin Bannan plays, and is pretty good. He actually has his own paddle, and wears a headband and sweatbands while he is playing. Nestor played Justin a little earlier which was being recorded for WNSTV. John Fassel is the king of the table and has not lost a game yet, although Chris McAlister has given him a run for his money.
It was funny to hear some of the players as they got to meet John Madden. Several of the Ravens players play Madden and it can lead to a lot of trash talking on the field. Usually you can hear Chris McAlister, Ed Reed, Samari Rolle, and Mark Clayton debating their last battles on the video game.
We at WNST are trying to figure out when and where we can have a Madden tournament. We have several people at the station that play, or that say they can play. Anyone that would be interested in participating in a tournament, feel free to email me at
Ok, time to go see what is on the menu today for lunch.