From training camp: Post morning thoughts

August 01, 2007 | WNST Staff

The Ravens will head back to the field at 4 p.m. for a full team practice.
This morning couple of the players missing practice this morning:
Kelly Gregg: still recovering from a deep thigh bruise suffered yesterday morning
Ben Grubbs: sprained right knee suffered yesterday during yesterday’s special team practice
Quinn Sypnewski: stomach flu, much like the one that kept Prescott Burgess out of practice yesterday morning
Ben is the only injury that maybe of concern for nothing more than that he is missing some valuable reps at practice.
Justin Bannan and Dwan Edwards both took the snaps that were left with Kelly being out.
Jared Gaither had another solid performance in one on one drills against Terrell Suggs( who joined Bob Haynie on the show today, the audio is up on the website). Offensive line assistant coach Greg Roman is working with Gaither a lot during the drills. The young man has impressed a lot of people early on.
During the 2 minute drills this morning, Antwan Barnes was taking reps with the 1st team defense. Antwan is a guy whose job this year is going to be basically put his hand on the ground and go get the quarterback. Also during the drill, Gerome Sapp was out on the field as one of the linebackers.
Mike Anderson continued to take the majority of the snaps with the first team offense at running back. Willis took snaps with the 1st team offense, but only during the 7 on 7 drills. Don’t panic yet, Willis is still going to be the starter, but I do feel that these are valuable reps Anderson is getting to take.
Derrick Mason had a very solid morning practice and seemed to catch everything that was thrown in his direction. Mason has lined up outside and also inside in the slot.mason could be due for a big year this year with the emergence of Demetrius Williams and mark Clayton.