From training camp: Wrap up of day 2 of camp

July 31, 2007 | WNST Staff

Kelly Gregg is going to survive.
Kelly got hit in the leg by Trevor Pryce during the practice. Kelly is expected to return to practice tomorrow morning. Kelly just walked through the team hotel, and said he is ok and that it is nothing more than just a bruise.
The Ravens wrapped up this afternoon with a special teams practice. Cory Ross heard the wrath of Coach Frank Ganz Jr., after he failed to catch a punt. I predict that Cory is the odd man out in the return specialist position.
Coach Rick Neuhisal was working on one of the fields with Troy Smith and Drew Olson. During one of the drills were the QB’s were throwing out routes, Coach Neuhisal told Troy that he had just thrown a pass at the minimum speed to throw a pass in the NFL. Pointing out to him that guys like Ed Reed, and many other safeties and defensive backs in the NFL are so fast they will jump all over those type throws.
The Ravens return to the field at 8:15 tomorrow with a full team practice, and then will have a 2nd full team practice beginning at 4 p.m.
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