Get used to Steve McNair

November 08, 2007 | WNST Staff

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I can honestly tell you that I saw something in Steve McNair that I have not seen since he arrived in Baltimore. There seemed to be a fire in his eye and a sense of “I’m out to prove something” in his voice yesterday. The thing about Steve that I have learned since he has gotten here is that he is one of the more laid-back, relaxed guys I have ever seen. He never seems to let anything bother him. Yesterday, I got the sense that he is out to prove everyone wrong.

All this talk about bench Steve and start Kyle is crazy in my opinion. You can make all the points you want about: Kyle gives the offense a better chance, Kyle can throw the deep ball, he is better than McNair, and so on and so forth. The one main factor in this whole thing is not who I or anyone else at the station thinks is better or who any caller or emailer thinks is better or gives the team the best chance to win. It all boils down to who 52 other players thinks gives them a better chance.

I honestly think that 90 percent of the Ravens’ locker room feels that Steve McNair gives them a better chance to win then Kyle does, and in the long run, that is who it matters to the most.

Steve is very popular among his teammates and no one on the record or off has said to me they feel that a change needs to be made at QB. If the Ravens are going to go down the rest of this season, I honestly think they would rather do it with McNair.

Do we need to revisit just a couple of years ago when guys like Shannon Sharpe and Rod Woodson were blasting Kyle on a weekly basis and many feel and some even aluded to the fact that it was coming from within the building?

Steve is the QB and barring an injury that simply will not allow him to play, he will be the starter for this team.

More later today about injuries and other news.