Give credit where credit is due

July 25, 2007 | WNST Staff

Let me be the first to say, that the Orioles get beat up for all the things that they do wrong, but they did something right on Tuesday night.
In three years of covering this team, I have never seen this many people at the ballpark before. To top it off the ceremony was nicely done, and to see and hear the reaction that Eddie, Earl, Brooks, and Cal, got was unbelievable. To talk to Earl Weaver for the first time was a cool thing, and I can tell you, he is still on top of his game.
Sure there are things that you could pick at if you wanted to, like: where was Jim Palmer, where was Frank Robinson, how come Mike Flanagan did not take apart in the ceremony? Where was Peter?
I do have to say that it was an amazing thing to see the Orioles donate $1 million dollars to the Cal Ripken Sr. foundation, and if you could have seen the look on Cal’s face you could tell that it caught him totally by surprise.
So kudos to the Orioles for a job well done, at least for one night, if only for a pre game, they did a nice job.
Really would like to hear your thoughts whether you watched it on television or were in attendance.