Good News Monda

April 16, 2007 | WNST Interns

Happy Monday to all!

What a great weekend I had.  Thanks to Michael Popovec for having Rex Snider and me in studio Friday for the Friday Forum.  Always enjoyable sitting and talking all things sports, especially with two knowlegable and talented guys.  For the record, Rex cracks me up.  What a dude.

On Saturday, Thyrl Nelson and I talked sports from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.  NFL Draft, O’s, Terps hoops, even a little NBA Draft (which I’m truly interested in for the first time in a decade).  T knows his sports, undoubtedly.  Give all us new guys a listen; I’m confident what you’ll hear is every one knows and loves sports, especially Baltimore sports, and our personalities will begin to show through. 

I can’t believe where this has gone since I responded to NST’s “contest” back in November.  To have my own show and blog is beyond everything I could have imagined just six months ago.  I almost feel as if I’m a Baltimore media member.  Almost.

If you’re a regular NST listener, be sure to keep it tuned in all Saturday and Sunday mornings to hear the “newbies”!  We’ll grow on you over time.  Hopefully, not like a fungus.


It’s about time!  I’ve been critical of the Orioles for starting the season with a three man bench.  It leaves Perlozzo short-handed when it comes to late-inning pinch hitting situations.  So Adam Stern and Jon Knott have been called up from Norfolk.  Good.  My feeling is twelve pitchers is almost the right number, maybe one too many still, but at least there are more options off the bench.  Let’s see what happens when Ramon Hernandez and Jay Payton return from the DL.

This is an interesting week for the Birds.  Two AL East series, at Tampa Bay and home against Toronto.  We’ll all know a little more about how we stack up against the division by Sunday.  Personally, 4-2 this week will keep me interested and optimistic.


Less than two weeks until the NFL Draft.  I’m encouraging everyone to go out tonight and listen to Nestor and Drew interview the Baltimore Ravens’ Director of College Scouting, Eric DeCosta.  You’ll know more about the current crop of draft-eligible players, and maybe have better insight into where the Ravens are leaning with their 29th pick in the first round.

I don’t think the Ravens will take an offensive lineman there, regardless of popular opinion.  I know there’s a need to bring in more depth at the position, but the team’s draft history tells me it’ll be “best player available”.  This draft appears deeper at defensive back and wide receiver, and there are always surprises during the first round, which leads me to think that players at those two positions will slide in the first round, leaving some appealing choices available at #29.  Remember, the Ravens have drafted exactly one O-lineman in the first round in their history: Jonathan Ogden.  If someone like him is available at 29, then great.  But I highly doubt it.

Thoughts, differences of opinion and commentary?  E-mail me at

Also, take your shot at calling the Ravens’ first rounder by joining the contest here at  It’s right there in the middle of the home page.  Can’t miss it.  Join in the fun.  Who knows, you just may be right; if so, you’ll win a prize!  Pretty cool one, too.


I’d like to welcome the newest member of our Baltimore sports-fan community: Reed Richmond Powell.  Congrats, Bruce and Susie!  I hate to say I told you so, but…

Three boys!  Welcome to my world!