Great Tim

May 23, 2007 | WNST Interns

I really had a great time tonight. I didn’t know about "Bargain Night" at the stadium. My family picked me up at the station en route to Oriole Park at Camden Yards. You can’t have a better combination. My family and baseball. I’m getting old. My birthday activity didn’t use to be clean enough to discuss in a radio station’s blog.

Anyway, my wife went to Pizza John’s to get subs and chips. When we got to the stadium, we purchased drinks from outside the stadium. Because of bargain night, we ended up paying $32 for four upper reserve seats. We sat right behind the plate, so we saw everything.

Now, my daughter, the diva complained of being too far from the action, but she eventually got over it. In fact, she may have had more fun than any of us.

We started cheers, we sang the songs from the p.a system and had a great time. Don’t be fooled, I did stop from time to time to yell at Cabrera or Tejada. But I really had a great time, for the most part.

When I got home, my wife and kids had my favorite cake, strawberry with vanilla frosting. I need to hide it, I’m starting to resemble a whale.