Great Weather, So Play Ball

April 20, 2007 | WNST Interns

A beautiful weather weekend awaits us, at long last.  It puts me in the mood to watch a lot of baseball.  Especially Baltimore Orioles baseball.

This weekend series with Toronto is the second real test of the current O’s against an AL East rival.  Two weeks ago, winning two of three against the Yankees gave us cause for optimism.  Improved bullpen depth mixed with dependable starting pitching has allowed the team to weather some slow starts by a few proven hitters.  The fact that the Blue Jays enter this series without BJ Ryan, Troy Glaus and Reed Johnson means they’re thinner than normal, which should allow Perlozzo added flexibility with the bullpen and bench.  I’m going to predict two of three for the O’s this weekend; that should keep us all interested for another week or so, right?  Just kidding, I’m interested all summer.

Some early season numbers to ponder as 7:05 first pitch nears….

Daniel Cabrera has issued just 5 BBs in 19.2 IP.  Remember how we all kept waiting for

Adam Loewen needs to watch Big DC for tips on control; he’s walked 12 in 13.2 IP.  Keep it in the zone, A.

Erik Bedard has allowed 4 HR in 23.1 IP.  Look for that to improve as he gets in a groove.

The Birds are 8-7 even though Miguel Tejada has just 3 RBIs in 60 ABs. 

Slugging Percentage leader so far?  Kevin Millar, at .511 in 47 ABs.  5 2Bs and 2 HRs to date.

Brian Roberts has 4 SBs, and he and Millar are tied for the team lead with 10 BBs so far.  This team needs more walks.


I noticed Matt Stairs is on the Jays’ roster.  Isn’t he like 44 years old by now?  I saw him hit the roof of old Tiger Stadium with a homer back in August 1998.  Only baseball seems to have guys like Stairs; you never think about them, then you see a lineup with their name in it and realize you saw him play a decade ago.

No Roy Halladay this weekend.  Good.


I’ll talk to everyone tomorrow around 3 o’clock, following Loyola lacrosse.  Lots of baseball and NFL Draft chatter.  Keep WNST tuned in all weekend long as you run errands, do yard work or take the kids to and from practice.  And always call in, if the spirit moves you!


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