Greg Nalley of Nalley Fresh is excited for future even with coronavirus hardships

March 26, 2020 | WNST Audio

Greg Nalley of Nalley Fresh checked in with Nestor to discuss the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on his business.

“It was a gut punch when it first happened. All of a sudden it was like this might be happening, and within a half of day, it happened. It’s been a deteriorating process from there concerning my business and everybody else’s business throughout the area, especially the restaurant business which has really been hit hard. What really affects me and makes me determined is that we have so many employees that are out of work now. They’re dying to work, they want to come to work, but we have no business for them. So what do we do? We”re trying to do things to get business back.”

Greg goes on to discuss how he changed things up, such as opening up drive-thru service at his Timonium location.

“At this stage, I’ve never been as excited in my life as I am right now,” Nalley said. “I’m tring to save a business, I’m trying to get my employees back to work, and through that process, for me, I have to relax and let my mind kind of slow down a little bit, so that when things come in I can act on them like I did with the drive thru, like I’m going to do with the meal plans and these sort of things that I’m coming up with.”

We encourage everyone to check out Nalley Fresh if you haven’t yet done so. Greg is a great local biz owner and we all need to support each other and come together during this difficult time. Plus, his product is great!

To hear Greg Nalley’s full conversation with Nestor Aparicio, listen here: