Greg Nivens talks coronavirus impact and future with Nestor

March 26, 2020 | WNST Audio

Greg Nivens of the Trigger Agency and Drink Eat Relax has been a friend, supporter, and partner of WNST for a very long time. He hopped on with Nestor this week to discuss how his business has been affected by the coronavirus. Like most local business owners that we’ve talked to, Greg has certainly felt the pain.

“We’re definitely in the business of bringing people together,” Nivens said. “The fun times that you have when you socialize with other people in large groups – our average festival probably draws about three or four thousand people – so on the 16th of March when the governor basically put us out of business, it was not a very kind way to wake up that day. It’s very interesting to watch everything go on and to try to live in a world that you really can’t do your job in, that you can’t do what you’ve done for 20 years. It is an interesting time that we’re in.”

Greg went on to talk more about his background with Nestor as well as his outlook for the near future as we’re navigating our way through these unprecedented times.

To Hear Greg Nivens’ full conversation with Nestor, listen here: